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Jade Ribbon Drop Bead: Unakite Grossular Garnet & Chrysoprase

Jade Ribbon Drop Bead: Unakite Grossular Garnet & Chrysoprase

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~ Jade ~

Has an ability to calm & bring forth benevolence & compassion making this heart Chakra stone legendary. As a gem mineral, its often been used as jewelry going back to antiquity. Known for its third eye expansion and scrying. It can release mental blockage and boosts self worth.

~ Unikite ~

As a third eye mineral, it's often used to balance emotion & spirituality. Quitting our inner dialogue and reminding us of the fools errand in, the pursuits of perfection.

~ Green Garnet ~

Encourages hope, strengthens relationships & nurtures commitment. Promotes spiritual receptiveness in the physical realm. May be used for root chakra cleansing.

~ Chrysoprase ~

Wonderful for healing matters in romance. Boosts self esteem. Aids in excepting change & being more tolerant. A great mood stabilizer balancing our Ying/Yang flow. Heart and Sacral Chakras. 

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