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Rhodonite & Lapis Pair of Necklaces

Rhodonite & Lapis Pair of Necklaces

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Two necklaces with Rhodonite and Lapis Pendants. 

First discovered in the Ural mountains late 1800's. Owing it's name to the Greek "rhodo" meaning "rose". Associated with the Sumerian knowledge Goddess Nisaba. And highly sought after by the Romans & Greeks.

Necklace one: Lapis, Garnet & Rhodonite 

Necklace two: Lapis, Bone Black Agate & Lava


~ Rhodonite ~

If you are a Taurus, this mineral might b rite up you ally. Often referred to as the "rescue stone" Supporting emotions, healing and forgiveness. A powerful heart Chakra talisman. 

~ Garnet ~

Known as "Pomegranate Stone" The garnet, a 4th chackra mineral, is also wonderful for passion connection & enduring love. Almost hypnotic, as the Greeks would tell.

~ Black Agate ~

It is thought, that the black agate, guards against the evil eye and malicious whispers. A grand calming stone, its perfect for the Geminis. As a root chakra, it offers security and safety in our corporeal world.

~ Lapis ~

The Sumerians believed that their gods lived in a world made up of Lapis. The Egyptians belived it to be a symbol of the night sky. And represented (Maat) the Goddess of truth. Often used as a protection talisman against the evil eye.

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