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2 Antler Point Necklaces. Sold as a pair.

2 Antler Point Necklaces. Sold as a pair.

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Two Deer Antler point necklaces.

Necklace one: Deer Antler Point Vintage Turquoise, Jasper, Lava, Bone & Shell. 

Necklace two: Deer Antler Point Jasper, Desert Jasper, Painted Jasper,  Fire Agate & Bone

~ Turquoise ~

Represents the harmonious balance between blues & greens. Both primary colors. Metaphorically as well, when trying to create balance in our lives.

~ Desert Jasper ~

Most recently known as Poly Chrome Jasper. Its mainly found in Madagascar. It's fractured, mottled look and earth tones I find to be a perfect accent to the sold grainy look of Deer Antler 


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