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Malachite Free Form Pair of Necklaces

Malachite Free Form Pair of Necklaces

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Two necklaces with Malachite Pendants

Often used by medicine men and mages, Malachite was often used to keep all around calm when a tempest was brewing. Weather the storm internal of the body or external in circumstance.

Necklace one: Kyanite & Pyrite

Necklace two: Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Malachite & Reed


~ Malachite ~

"Stone of Transformation"      Greek name (Malhe, green as grass or Malakos, soft to carve). Stimulates the Heart Chakra. Represents the beauty of nature and all that can be healed from the green energy of the earth.

~ Kyanite ~

Flowing w/ water energy, stillness and purity. A bone deep cleansing. Greek (Kuanos "deep blue").      Pure & Heavenly. A feelgood flow.

~ Pyrite ~

Wealth, luck, abundance. All thought to be properties of this metal mineral, often called.             "fools gold". Remember the proverb, (All that glitters).


Carnelian (Sunset stone).  Malachite (Transformation stone) Black Tourmaline (Reconciliation stone) This is a great companion piece to the other. Some things are best shared and unspoken.

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