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Lapis Dropbeads Pair of Necklaces

Lapis Dropbeads Pair of Necklaces

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Two Necklaces with Lapis Drop Beads.

Necklace one: Kyanite, Carnelian Sodalite & Bone

Necklace two: Kyanite, Pyrite, Bone & Picasso Jasper


~ Sodalite ~

First discovered in Greenland early 1800's. Then globally, sought for its beauty and mystical properties. Effecting Third Eye chakras, spiritual growth divine connection & transformation. 

~ Carnelian ~

Energy, passion & action.  Stabilizing, manifestation of creativity & vitality. All qualities of this ancient stone. Used by Mystics and Royalty alike.

~ Pyrite ~

Called fools gold. Confusing miners thinking they had hit the mother load. It's a metal mineral. Greeks referred to it as Pyr (fire). Considered masculine, fire from the first chakra. A wonderful Feng Shui mineral for the finacial advisors office. 

~ Blue Kyanite ~

Clears the throat and third eye chakras. As well as full meridian alignment. Yin & Yang balanced. Wonderful for meditation and attunement. 

~ Picasso Jasper ~

Called the Supreme Nurturer.        Is stabilizing soothing & encouraging. Pass on to friends and other important relationships Connects well w Virgo.

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