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Copper World Malachite: Pair of Necklaces

Copper World Malachite: Pair of Necklaces

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Two necklaces with Copper World Malachite Pendants.

Malachite was often sought by healers & sages. Used to calm stomach ailments, ward against the evil eye & bad mojo. Used as a traveling stone, protecting against unwanted advancements.

Necklace one: Malachite, Sodalite, Tourmaline & Lapis

Necklace two: Azurite & Malachite


~ Lapis Lazuli ~

Since antiquity and its association w the royals. Lapis has brought strength, courage & wisdome. Friendship, loyalty & truth. Persian (Lazhuward-Blue) Used by artist for millennia. Pigment for painting or crushed up for body paint.

~ Tourmaline ~

Ancient Sinhalese word ("Turmali" mixed color precious stone) Releasing infra-red radiation,  it strengthens the immune system and detoxifys the body.

~ Malachite ~

Stone of transition. Rings swirls & marbling uplift and rejuvenate. Associated w Capricorns and was loved by the ancient Egyptian and Greeks who named it Malakos (soft).

~ Azurite ~

Originally a Persian word, Lazhward (blue). Called the stone of heaven. For thousands of years its been used for pigments dyes & make up. Felt to activate third eye and crown chakras.

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