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Baja Petrified Coral Pair of Necklaces

Baja Petrified Coral Pair of Necklaces

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Two necklaces with Baja Petrified Coral

Necklace one: Angelite, Apatite & Pyrite

Neckalce two: Picasso Jasper, Sodalite, Bone & Blue Kyanite


~ Apatite ~

Found in the teeth & bones of all animals on earth. Greek (Apate "to deceive") Found in space rock. Aligns w/ Gemini. And is found world wide.

~ Angelite ~

Seeking guidance from the above? Meditation & breath w this stone often brings connections to specific beings, lost or desist. Crown & third eye chakras aid in communicating w the higher frequency.

~ Blue Kyanite ~

High vibrational, chakra cleansing goes with the flow. Inspires loyalty & friendship. Linear & logical thinking. Strengthens the third eye. Helps Toureans communicate w/ compassion. Greeks called it Kuanos (Deep Blue)

 ~ Picaso Jasper ~

Know as the artist stone. Or meditation stone. Optimism & life  confirming. Connects to Sacral & solar plexus chakras. 

~ Sodalite ~

Brings order from caos. The big inhale to contemplate & breath. Divination, empathy & meditation into third eye awareness. Sodalite and Virgo work well together.

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