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Amethyst Slice Pair of Necklaces

Amethyst Slice Pair of Necklaces

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Two necklaces with Amethyst Slice

Necklace one: Carnelian, Jade, Amethyst & Lava

Necklace two: Tourmaline, Jade Carnelian & Lava


~ Lava ~

Formed, as it's name implies, from an erupting volcano. Comes in many dark shades. Lightweight and porous. Connected to the Root Chakra, ruled by earth & fire elements.  Promotes stability & passion.

~ Jade ~

Common around the world. Jade comes in many other colors besides green. Value and desirability is determined by Hues, tone & saturation. Made into cabochons or carved, this mineral has been used for millennium.

~ Black Tourmaline ~

Discovered on the Isle of Elba. Also called Schorl. Often referred to as, the "stone of reconciliation" Balances left and right sides of our brain. Bringing joy and satisfaction. 

~ Carnelian ~

Increases clarity thought & intuition. Still, by many cultures, believe it to be a symbol of life. Channeling the sun's energy into the wearer. 

~ Jade ~

Know as the "Jewel of Heaven" Nurturing, serene & pure. Often associated with wealth and nobility.

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